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Кабринский Эдуард - Tfs package management - Eduard Kabrinskiy

<h1>Tfs package management</h1>
Tfs package management <a href="">World breaking news</a> Tfs package management
<h1>TFS/VSTS Package Management authentication #13</h1>
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<h3>Megasware128 </strong> commented Apr 10, 2017 ?</h3>
<p>Great to use Yarn as a build task but unlike the npm tasks available, Yarn doesn't seem to automatically authenticate for npm registries created by the Package Management feature in TFS2017/VSTS. Is there a solution for using Package Management registries in combination with the Yarn build task?</p>
<h3>sandorfr </strong> commented May 7, 2017 </h3>
<p>This is of course a great suggestion. We need to investigate how we can adapt the authentication procedure from the npm task to yarn ... sk.ts#L190 .</p>
<p>This is a priority one for us.</p>
<h3>waterfoul </strong> commented Jun 13, 2017 </h3>
<h3>KarandikarMihir </strong> commented Jul 7, 2017 ?</h3>
<p>We can't switch to yarn on our build server because of this :(</p>
<h3>sandorfr </strong> commented Jul 11, 2017 </h3>
<p>Happy to accept a PR is anyone has the time to work on this.</p>
<h3>KarandikarMihir </strong> commented Jul 11, 2017 </h3>
<p>@sandorfr Would have loved to work on this. But I lack the context.</p>
<h3>Megasware128 </strong> commented Jul 11, 2017 </h3>
<p>I might take a look but need to find some time</p>
<h3>manu-unter </strong> commented Jul 28, 2017 </h3>
<p>A manual way to set the access token using a build agent that we use at the moment is the following PowerShell script:</p>
<p>It will add the access token to the .npmrc so yarn can use it to access the registry. You should run this before doing yarn or yarn install . Yarn will consider any .npmrc files, even upwards in the folder tree, so just put it somewhere within the tree and it should work.</p>
<p style="clear: both">Please mind: this requires to have the following <em>Build Definition Option</em> to be set: <br /><img style="float: left; margin: 0 10px 5px 0;" src="" /></p>
<h3>sandorfr </strong> commented Aug 2, 2017 </h3>
<p>I adjusted the roadmap, as I'm focused on this issue right now. This is basically around the corner, but I'm running into issues similar to this yarnpkg/yarn#678 . It seems like it might be necessary to generate a yarnrc in addition to npmrc.</p>
<h3>sandorfr </strong> commented Aug 13, 2017 </h3>
<p>I've pushed a new major version including VSTS feed support.</p>
<h3>Mardoxx </strong> commented Sep 13, 2017 ?</h3>
<p>Broken for me. npm install works fined, yarn install yields 401 with VSTS feeds.</p>
<p>Also getting lots of warnings:</p>
<p>I have tried with Registries in my .npmrc file and Registry I select here , both give 401. Either of these options work fine with npm task.</p>
<p>Using @Cryza's method works fine.</p>
<h3>Mardoxx </strong> commented Sep 18, 2017 </h3>
<p>@sandorfr weird, it's working now. I was having issues with VSTS feeds locally too so perhaps this was unrelated.</p>
<h3>Mardoxx </strong> commented Sep 18, 2017 ?</h3>
<p>Ok it's still broken on my build. Here's debug log</p>
<p>If I add a powershell task before it to do this (with access token as an env var):</p>
<p>I notice the line <br />Adding auth for registry: https://<companyName><FeedName>/npm/registry/ <br />so it <em>should</em> work correctly? Weird. The only difference I see here is that it's potentially (haven't looked at your code) only adding it for /npm/registry/ and not /npm/ as well, and that the scheme is provided as https:// , where as I'm providing it as relative scheme.</p>
<h3>sandorfr </strong> commented Sep 21, 2017 </h3>
<p>can you explain to me how this templated url https://<companyName><FeedName>/npm/registry/ is working or point me to some documentation? I'm not familiar with this.</p>
<h3>Mardoxx </strong> commented Sep 21, 2017 </h3>
<p>It's not real, I should have said ... /registry/</p>
<h3>sandorfr </strong> commented Sep 21, 2017 </h3>
<p style="clear: both">Given your logs it seems you have selected the first option but I'm pretty sure you want the second one : <br /><img style="float: left; margin: 0 10px 5px 0;" src="" /></p>
<h3>sandorfr </strong> commented Sep 21, 2017 </h3>
<p style="clear: both">another possible cause is that you don't have the proper rights defined for your package feed : <br /><img style="float: left; margin: 0 10px 5px 0;" src="" /> <br />see documentation: ... identities</p>
<h3>Mardoxx </strong> commented Sep 21, 2017 ?</h3>
<p>Tried both, Registries in my .npmrc file and Registry I select here neither work, stirll get 401 without extra task of putting auth token in to .npmrc ??</p>
<p>Checked perms on the feed too, they're all correct!</p>
<p>I'd assume the way it automatically inserts auth stuff is lifted from this ... /Tasks/Npm so I'd imagine it should auth in an identical way. Npm task works fine with either Registries in my .npmrc file and Registry I select here , but this doesn't without the extra step. Weird!</p>
<p>I'd guess it's more likely some misconfiguration at my end, otherwise you'd have others reporting issues too?</p>
<p>It's also strange how it happens on the 10th or so package. Perhaps that's a concurrency thing though (not sure if the requests are performed in parallel?)</p>
<p>What I'll try when I get time, is after the yarn install task (which should modify .npmrc ) I shall get it to output the contents .npmrc file and see if it's appended an appropriate token to it.</p>
<h2>Tfs package management</h2>

<h3>Tfs package management</h3>
Tfs package management <a href="">Today's news stories</a> Tfs package management
<h4>Tfs package management</h4>
Great to use Yarn as a build task but unlike the npm tasks available, Yarn doesn't seem to automatically authenticate for npm registries created by the Package Management feature in TFS2017/VSTS. Is there a solution for using Package Man...
<h5>Tfs package management</h5>
Tfs package management <a href="">Tfs package management</a> Tfs package management
SOURCE: <h6>Tfs package management</h6> <a href="">Tfs package management</a> Tfs package management
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